Fat Loss & Leg Day

For most people, leg day is a struggle. The result: many work legs once a week and work all other parts of the body 5 or more times a week, counting a rest day.

What if I told you that working legs could help you gain more muscle everywhere else, as well as help burn fat? 

Let me share how…

To start, the more lean mass, or muscle, you have on your body, the more calories you burn. Being in a calorie deficit aids in fat / weight loss. If you aren’t working out your legs you are giving up a lot of potential fat-burning opportunities. Not only is it giving up some prime real-estate, the gluteus maximus, better known as your butt, is the largest of all muscles on your body. This enough should have you working your legs more frequently. If not, here are some more reasons to work your legs.

If you are working your legs, you aren’t working your arms, correct? Did you know that on those days you don't work your arms you are giving them more time to rest, gain size and strength between workouts.

All muscle gain happens when the muscle is resting and has time to reconstruct after exercise.

When your legs are stronger and more stable, not only will your lower body be getting stronger, your upper body will be gaining as well.

Through every upper body movement you are improving stability by keeping your feet firmly planted on the ground. The result: as your legs get stronger you will be able to stabilize you core more efficiently while performing upper body exercises.

So lets recap

  • Legs are a big muscle group
  • Gluteus maximus is the biggest muscle
  • Give upper body more rest
  • Work legs more
  • Increase the fat burn
  • Become more stable for upper body movements

With consistent leg days you will benefit yourself through muscle and strength gain as well as fat loss!

And that, is Fitness By Design.