Summer Set-backs

Spring is here! And soon comes summer!

More outdoor activities, cookouts, and day trips are in the near future! 

So, why go to the gym if your body fat is pretty much where you would like it to be and the new outdoor activities seem to be enough to compensate for the lack of gym time?

So how can you increase your muscle gain and weight loss in the spring/summer?

  • Cut the lawn
  • Swim
  • Keep up with your diet
  • Play outdoor sports
  • Hike or bike


Continue to go to the gym!

Instead of replacing your normal exercise regimen with strenuous outdoor work/activities and giving up on your diet…double up your workout (by doing both), keep your diet in place and you will skyrocket towards your health and fitness goals!

In other words, instead of taking 2 steps forward to take 2 steps back, take 4 steps forward!

Use the summer months as an opportunity to make twice as much progress.

Never settle in your comfort zone…break out of the box and make extra strides towards your health and fitness goals. You will NOT regret it!

And that, is Fitness By Design.