Set Small Goals

I have a client who started at 224 pounds. His goal is to be ready for a hunting trip.

Now one the thing he needs to make sure of is that he can hike for long periods of time without needing to stop.

So there are two parts we are working on. Building muscle so he can be strong enough for a long hike as well as lose body fat so that he doesn’t have as much weight to carry.

We set his goal at 180 pounds. The small goal we set was that when he makes it to 200 pounds he can eat chicken wings.

Today he sent me a text message saying he is at 199.8 pounds and a picture of the chicken wings he’s about to eat!

He’s not exactly where he wants to be, but he set a small realistic goal, stuck to it and now he’s halfway there!

So for anybody having a hard time reaching their health and wellness goals. Set small realistic goals along the way to keep yourself motivated!