Find your passion

We are what we think about. The brain is always moving and needs something to chew on. If we have nothing positive in our life for our brains to chew on it will chew on whatever it can get it’s teeth on. This generally leads to chewing on miss guided marketing (Instagram and Facebook feeding us what we are “supposed to care about”) that causes us to constantly think we’re not good enough because we don’t have certain things others do. Once we let our brain chew randomly we realize we aren’t where we wanted to be. We’re not aligned with what’s true to us. This then makes us panicked and causes us to feel lost. Consequently more negative thoughts flood the brains feeding troth and the sequence repeats itself.

I believe people are anxious and depressed because they haven’t found there passion. They haven’t found something productive for there brain to chew on. 

One of my goals is to help people find there passion wether it be Fitness or something else. If I can do this, I believe I can design a new sequence for people to live there life by. This sequence will be a never ending positivity reinforcement loop. This will help people build and live a happy productive life.