Optimism And Fitness

The definition of Optimism is hopefulness and confidence about the future or the successful outcome of something.

Most people think happiness comes from outside sources.

Most people think they will only be happy once they meet their fitness goal.

But when they find out that it will take longer than a month to succeed, they quit because they think what they’re doing is a waste of time.

Optimism is what you need.

Optimism works from the inside out.

Optimism is a mindset.

You can either workout/diet thinking, this will never work, this is hard, I hate this or you could think, I will make this work, this is part of the process and I love bettering myself.

An optimistic perspective is key.

If you want your dream body, you can either complain the whole time or think about it optimistically.

Both involve the same amount of work but complaining and dreading the work is your choice and will only make things seem harder to you.

If you think about the work optimistically everything will just be part of the process and obstacles will be perceived as opportunities to try something new.

Giving up and not working towards your fitness goal won’t get you the results you want.

So why not perceive obstacles as opportunities to learn the things that won’t work so you can clear your mind to find something you haven’t tried that might work.

I hope this information helped! I hope everyone stays optimistic while working towards their fitness goal!