3 simple tips for an effective new year’s resolution.

So every year on new year’s you decide to aim for the stars.

You say “This is the year that I lose 20 pounds”

So you go to the gym and beat the crap out of yourself for a month and then give up and wait for next year.

I’ve noticed people aim very high and never set micro goals that will lead them to succeed in the long run.

So here’s 3 resolution tips that you can set for the new year that are easy and effective.

Number 1

Drink more water.

The average person does not drink enough water.

Let’s just set your macro goal at 8, 16 fluid ounce water bottles a day.

Let’s set you micro goal at 2 a day for the first week, and go up by 2 bottles every week so that after a month you reach 8 a day.

Make that a habit.

Number 2

Cut out sugar and processed junk foods.

Think of one thing you eat each day that you feel needs to change.

The Macro goal would be to slowly wean of that thing.

The micro goal would be to start with allowing yourself 4 days a week to consume that thing and every week following wean it off one more day. So after a month you no longer consume that thing.

Make that a habit.

Number 3

Get up early and stretch.

Stretching gets blood flow to your muscles and also requires balance.

Now the macro goal would be to get up every morning and stretch.

The micro goal would be starting with 4 days a week at first. Then every week following at another day until you are at 7 days a week.

Make that a habit.

Now I know everybody's resolution is different.

I would just like to say that these three simple tips will change your life immensely,

They will create a snowball effect that will eventually land you in a healthy lifestyle.

They will also fill you with energy so that you can be more effective in the gym.

I hope this information helped and I hope everyone has a successful year in 2018!